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Ancient Victorys

The past forty years are celebrated today... we move forward presenting and documenting Northwest acoustic musicians

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with Don Hickman helping to download & edit.  Later, we will have all back copies

Since December, 2008 we have been recording each Ancient Victorys Open Mike on a new High Definition videocamera. We plan to use these for archival purposes, local public libraries and public television.

You may order copies of your own performance for your own use for Mar 8, 2012 only or June 7,
2012 in either standard Def or Blue Ray High Definition ($5 more)
  • This DVD copy of your individual performance is for your use both for historical or promotional use. (Please credit Ancient Victorys) 


  • To cover material costs and postage we charge $25 for one night's performance on Standard Definition; $30 if on Blue Ray Hi Definition.
    If you order multiple performances on the same DVD, a $10 charge is added for each night's performance added to the DVD. Cost includes a High Definition formatted file of each song which can be uploaded to the Ancient Victorys YouTube Channel, and/or to any website of your choice.


Available in SEPTEMBER 2012: 


 DEC 8, 2011,      MAR 8 2012,    JUNE 7. 2012


AUGUST 4  Hippies Last Stand, Carbonado (since sets are longer these run $30 Standard Definition and $35 for Blue Ray Hi Definition.  If you appear on more than one set please indicate on our order.



  • Once your DVDs are burned, they become read-only and are encoded for copy protection. So after you've ordered your DVD, whether it only has one performance on it, or multiple performances, future sets cannot be added-on later. You will have to place a new order.  Remember, the DVDs are in Standard definition so they play on just about any device.  But if you want to load one of  your songs onto the internet, request the High Definition version of that song. We can upload it for you, or send it to you on a disk. The original Sony .m2ts format is accepted on YouTube and can be viewed in full 1080 high definition. You won't be able to view the .m2ts file with most standard software, but it can be uploaded to YouTube just fine. Other formats are also available upon request, .mpg, .wmv, etc...


  • You receive two copies of your DVD in standard DVD format labled with what, where, when, and who you are, and anyone who accompanied you. This information also appears as titles and credits in the video itself. You may request your DVD be created in High Definition rather than the usual Standard format at extra charge of $5.  You can only play those High Definition disks on a Blu-Ray player.  Putting them in a standard player can destroy your hardware and/or the disk


  • We are still gathering correct song title and songwriter information for every open mike going back to Dec. 2008 and each night's complete list will be published on this website soon.  Please help us by proofreading our set lists once they show up again on the Navigation Bar, and send us any corrections.  Sometimes musicians will want to order a copy of something they did in the past and we want to make sure we have the correct information, and it is especially important if we upload a song to the web and it is not properly labled. Try to remember to announce each song title and who wrote it before you start singing so we can capture that information in the videos. Whenever you order video from Ancient Victorys please provide us with accurate information so that we will label the DVD correctly and provide credit to the songwriter.


  • Please allow four weeks for delivery.